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Works of Art

About Oakley Smith

Oakley Smith has been expressing himself through pencil sketches, paintings and sculptures ever since he can remember. Working with his hands has always been a passion of his. 
In fact, Oakley has built a lifelong career as one of Canada’s  top Rhinoplasty Surgeons and owns his own practice in Toronto Ontario, Canada. When Dr. Oakley Smith discovered Rhinoplasty, he felt a creative connection. In essence, he is hand-crafting an aesthetically balanced sculpture for his patients. One that brings someone life-changing happiness. 
There is no doubt that his artistic talent is what has excelled his career. His ability to see the end result in his mind, and know what needs to be done for it to look perfect in the end… is a true art form. It is a craft that he has more than mastered over the years.



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